Wayne C. Jones, M.D.

Dr. Jones’ specialties include ADHD, depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, insomnia, and developing innovative pharmacological management of refractory disorders. He has given over 1,800 presentations on stress disorders teaching primary care physicians as well as psychiatrists. Dr. Jones always stays on the “cutting edge” of stress disorders by attending over 200 hours of continuing education courses himself each year.

Graduate of Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, in 1968 Board certified in Psychiatry/Neurology 1975 Certified Clinical pychopharmacologist 1998, 2003, Dec. 2009. Has had a private practice clinic in the Dallas area since 1974.

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More about Dr. Jones …

Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Jones Office

Wayne C. Jones, MD is located in Richardson, Texas.  Dr. Jones does not file insurance but many patients file their own insurance using  their out-of-network benefits.  To help keep costs down, Dr. Jones offers “phone med checks” to many patients for some of their appointments.  Phone med checks can be a convenient and effective way to monitor care for patients that are doing well.  Feel free to contact our office to find out if Dr. Jones is currently accepting new patients.  Please do not contact the office through the website if you are a current patient to maintain your privacy.

Address Phone Email
375 Municipal Dr. 972.234.0489
Suite 224 Fax  emily@askdrjones.com
Richardson, TX 75080 972.235.1558

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