GAD: Did You Know?

? As much as 70% of the population may have at least one classic symptom of an anxiety disorder.
Normal amounts of anxiety are helpful. It is the raw material of guilt which helps individuals develop standards of good behavior.
• There are two kinds of feelings that people with anxiety are likely to deny: anger and unexpressed wishes or desires.
• Anxiety disorders develop first in 68% of people who later become depressed.
• 11% of men and 20% of women describe themselves as suffering from symptoms of worry, anguish, or anxiety.
• Anxious people can develop social handicaps which result in problems with intimacy. They often live their lives at a distance from the people around them.
• Women are 2X more likely to have an anxiety disorder than men. This makes women more likely to also develop
• Since 55% of people with GAD relapse when medication is discontinued after 6 months, long term therapy should be carefully considered.
• Insomnia is often a key warning sign of stress overload. If left untreated it usually leads to more severe anxiety symptoms.

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