Go Team! Fans, Testosterone and You …

On 9-14-04 I made a diary entry after the baseball incident where a pitcher threw a chair into the stands. In the baseball incident, I was most perplexed by the lack of any commentary about the fans’ roles in the problem or their inappropriate behavior. Now this weekend we had the Detroit incident where players went into the stands and players and fans were punching each other. What is up with all this insanity?

On Sunday following the incident, NBA commissioner David Stern made a comment. Punishments were quick and harsh. What impressed me the most about his comments was that he included the fact that the league will make changes that also regulate the fans’ behavior. 

A previous incident where a basketball player went into the stands was provoked by a fan taunting him about the death of his child. I hope that the public will get behind the NBA in mandating civilized behavior by the fans. Earl Warren is reported to have said – "I can’t give you an exact definition of pornography, but I know it when I see it."

We know when a fan has crossed the line and become abusive, and we all need to help security promptly and effectively deal with these individuals. Some of the fans in Detroit should face criminal charges and suspensions from attending games for the season.

I was disappointed when USA Today came out Monday morning – Page 1 Headline – "Pacer Suspended for Season", "Is Game Out of Control?" The story takes up 1/2 of page 1 and 1/2 of page 2, but the article fails to mention the need for standards to regulate fan behavior.

I will do an article soon about the physiology and treatment options for inappropriate aggression.

Did you know that testosterone increases aggression? 

And did you know that athletes on the winning team and their fans have an increase in testosterone after the game? 

Did this contribute to Ron Artest going up into the stands? 

The corollary to the testosterone increase is that the losing team and their fans have a decrease in their testosterone. I have been a Cubs fan for over 50 years – no wonder I’m not a fighter.

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