How can I live like a normal person when I have ADHD?

Most of my ADHD patients do well and many if not most like being ADHD.  There are some who haven’t found the "right medication(s)", but there are frequently new medications that become available.  Within 4-8 weeks we will have Vyvanse, a new form of Dexedrine that has research benefit higher than currently available medications.

Sometimes it takes a combination of meds like Adderall XR or Methylphenidate + Tenex (Guanfacine).  Sometimes it takes a different form of medication (like the Daytrana patch) which is a form of Methylphenidate that avoids first pass metabolism in the gut and liver.  This is a plus for patients that are rapid metabolizers and don’t get enough of the tablet forms into their brain.  There are also people that don’t tolerate any of the stimulants except Desoxyn.


Another possibility is that you are not just ADHD.  At least 85% of people with ADHD have other conditions that have to be addressed.  You are 3 times more likely than the general population to have a mood disorder, an anxiety disorder, substance abuse issues, or impulse control disorder.

We already know 11 different gene variants that are more common in people who are ADHD.  All these possible complexities need to be addressed as well as basic health habits (especially sleep) to enable you to have the quality of life you want and deserve.  

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