Hypervigilance and Panic

Panic patients listen too closely to body sensations, feel anxious, have “what if” thoughts, and scan their environment for possible danger.

Panic patients are always in a state of hypervigilance-most especially they listen to their bodies and they “hear everything”.  They can almost feel ions crossing membranes!  They release adrenaline, preparing for “fight or flight”.  The adrenaline revs them up and it snowballs-then they are having a panic attack!

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One Response to “Hypervigilance and Panic”

  • Raph says:

    Amazing. exactly, its obvious alarms trigger to easy and im too somatically aware. This is a great site. I practise meditation and relaxation religiously, but it isnt enough and i never get a break. I can barely hold a job or relationship and ive dropped out of school, again. What i needed was a decent psychiatrist, which i still dont have. But couldnt we all use that?