My daughter is taking Depakene and now is going to shift to Lamictal. I am so worried because of the side effects. She is 22 years old.

Depakene even in the best form, Depakote ER, can have adverse effects on hormones – it would be one of my last choices.  Lamictal is the best tolerated mood stabilizer if it doesn’t cause a serious rash (very uncommon).    The main problem with Lamictal is that it has to  be built up slowly so it would need to be overlapped with Depakote or something else.  In general for most patients Lamictal is a much better medication.

If she is on birth control pills – which is not recommended for women with mood disorders – Lamictal doses need to be higher.  The NuvaRing is the best form of birth control in my opinion if needed.  

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