SSRI's, SNRI's & Weight Gain

Question: I have been on Effexor XR 150 mg for 5-6 months now, but am disappointed with the weight gain – esp. around the belly. I was wondering if I can ask my doctor about Wellbutrin XL to help counteract that. What are your thoughts on that?

— Mona

Answer: All SSRI’s and SNRI’s can cause weight gain. Sometimes, increasing the dose of Effexor to 225 mg will make it easier to control weight, since it mainly increases Norepinephrine effect at the higher dose. Adding Wellbutrin is more likely to help (either 150 or 300 mg). Wellbutrin XL is probably better but not in generic. Taking Wellbutrin in a.m. and Effexor around supper time decreases overlap.

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