You Got To Know When To Walk Away….

The other Kenny Rogers (Texas Ranger pitcher) with arguably the best first half of the season in the American league lost his composure if not his mind before a game in Arlington, Texas on Wednesday, June 29, 2005. Footage of him pushing away TV cameras, knocking down a cameraman and kicking the camera dominated the national news today. One of the cameramen was evaluated at a local hospital and is reporting injuries to his neck and back.

What pushed the most valuable player on the Rangers to join the ranks of Bobby Knight, Ron Artest, and other notorious athletes with violent tempers? Is it the intense competition that has driven their success since childhood? Is it the constant media pressure and scrutiny? Is it the fault of a social system that elevates our sports heroes to positions loftier than us mere mortals with their multi-million dollar a year salaries? Is it the fact that if they don’t continue to perform they are history? Is it the fact that they are really just commodities that can be traded away? Is it because overnight they can lose a team mate who has been traded? Yes, to all of the above plus sometimes you can add in performance enhancing substances including but not just steroids.

The biggest problem is that we are not learning from experience. The Indiana Pacers of the National Basketball Association lost their star player, Ron Artest, for the season after he charged into the stands during a game with the Detroit Pistons in the fall of 2004. The Texas Rangers were aware of Kenny Roger’s temper and his progressive loss of control during the prior month but they apparently took no action.

What causes this behavior from a biological, psychological and cultural perspective?

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3 Responses to “You Got To Know When To Walk Away….”

  • Elizabeth Smith says:

    I’m glad that someone else besides my self has finally realized this obvious psychological problem with president busch. You could also look at it and say it comes with being a spoiled brat. I have adult ADHD and have struggled with ADHD since age 8. If you at Busch’s past accomplishments or lack there of, its obvious he can’t find his nitch or in our case something he is successful at and can hold his attention. and even you accused him in so many words of constantly playing, which is a common misconception of ADHD. as for 9/11, i beleve that he “shut down” at that moment due to adhd because until then i dont believe that he completely thought through the responsibilities of being president. yet unlike in his previous careers his dad was not there to solve the problem or bail him out. is something that all parents find themselves doing for their ADHD offspring and its because they know of their offsprings tendicies to “shut down” and not think before they act. not to mention how easy it is to overwhelm a person with ADHD. beside if u have ADHD its extremely difficult to bring yourself to do a task if it requires alot of thought or if there is not obvious answer. also when you are forced into doing this task you will accept the first the first option as the answer to the problem i.e. war on terrorism, social aecurity. i think someone on busch’s medical staff should address this issue with him before he gets this country in anymore trouble. ps Tony Blair is also another possible canidate for adult ADHD.

  • Joe D. Sutherland says:

    Your Right Dr. Jones, but I think sometimes it can trace mabe a small percent back to child hood and the was his parents. You know I have this anger problem, but My parents had nothing to do with it.
    Joe Sutherland