I have been taking 3mg of Xanax daily for anxiety for 2 years. I have been diagnosed with agoraphobia. Are there any options for medication besides SSRI’s and SNRI’s? They seem to make my anxiety worse. I’ve also had cognitive behavioral treatment with little success. Please help me with any options for overcoming my fears.

Recovery from agoraphobia requires a good understanding of what it is, proper breathing test.askdrjones.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/06/Anxiety_Handout.pdf and complete desensitization.  SSRI’s/SNRI’s are not required unless you are unable to progress with CBT, breathing correctly, and benzodiazepines – including as needed extra doses.  Some patients do better on Clonazepam, or Xanax XR, or Niravam.  If SSRI’s/SNRI’s are needed you have to start with a very low dose – the lowest I ever gave a patient was one granule of Effexor XR.

Treat agoraphobia like a bully that wants to run your life.  If you give an inch it will take a mile.  It’s okay to stop, breathe, take extra medication or call a support person, but don’t leave or avoid.

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